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POLYSPAST HEAVY is a compact 4.five-pound multi-function hand winch providing a 24-fold build up in pulling force. It permits you to maneuver heavy objects as much as 1102 lbs. safely on your own. When lifting vertical rather a lot, the winch hook is in a position to resisting a 1000lb. force. The 1.6 mm rope is made from polyamide and ensures safety throughout the pulling process, even as its period permits to execute a lot of loadings. If you wish to have an extended rope, you’ll all the time replace it following the user’s manual supplied with the article. Guaranteed lifting capability: 1000 lbs. with a 44 lb. force application Rope period: 16,4 ft
Ultra-compact and lightweight (four.5 lb most effective)
Hugely tough (supplies a 24-fold build up in pulling force)
Guaranteed lifting capability: 1000 lbs with a 44 lb force application
Rope period: 16,4 ft
Nice for liberating automobiles and lifting heavy objects



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